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These are your five must-haves when shopping for an outdoor umbrella.

by Nina Smith
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Summer in Australia is just a few months away, and we know you can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. But we thought we’d remind you that the sun’s UV rays can be extremely harmful if you don’t take adequate precautions. While you can use sunscreen and other solutions to protect your skin, using outdoor umbrellas is another good way to shade yourself.

Heavy-duty umbrellas come in handy when lounging by the pool or relaxing on the patio or backyard because they block the sun’s rays. Furthermore, they are resistant to rain and wind. Large outdoor umbrellas are widely available.

Now that you understand how to use these umbrellas in hot weather, you should consider a few other factors before purchasing one this summer. Patio umbrellas and cantilever umbrellas are the two main types of outdoor umbrellas. Cantilever umbrellas are supported from the side, unlike patio umbrellas, which have a straight and upright pole extending from the base to the top of the marquee.

You can choose between these two options based on your usage and requirements. However, five must-have features should be shared by both umbrellas. Continue reading to learn more about these features:

1. Dimensions and form

The first step is to determine the shape and size of the umbrella. If you buy a small outdoor umbrella, it may not be sufficient, and your investment will be wasted. On the other hand, a large outdoor umbrella may overpower your space and ruin the atmosphere. A good rule of thumb is to measure the length or table you want to shade.

You must also consider the space required to comfy place chairs under the shade. Once you’ve finalized the measurement, determining the size of the umbrella for your outdoor space will be much easier.

2. Material/Fabric

The fabric is one of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make before purchasing an outdoor umbrella. An umbrella’s color and design pattern are the most visible aspects, and the quality of the material determines whether the color and design fade quickly or not. A high-quality fabric also shields you from the sun’s heat and glare.

So you don’t want to skimp on the material because it determines the longevity of your umbrella. Heavy duty umbrellas are typically made of the following materials:


When it comes to heavy-duty outdoor umbrellas it is considered the gold standard. Acrylic is ideal for regular outdoor use because it is resistant to the elements and retains the umbrella’s colors for many years. They come in a variety of solid, bright, and lovely colors. They are known to last long and can be customized to your taste and preferences.


This material is best known for providing excellent UV protection. It is also impervious to condensation, harsh weather elements, and stains. The fabric is strong, versatile, and long-lasting. They are available in solid, striped, and checked patterns.


This fabric is highly adaptable and resilient. It can retain the color of an umbrella while retaining other properties.

3. Sturdy framework

After selecting the material for the umbrella’s roof, the next step is to choose the frame from which the umbrella will stand. It would help to look for a sturdy frame supporting the heavy-duty umbrella. Umbrella frames are primarily made of three materials:


Wood is often considered a classic choice in terms of aesthetics, but it is not a practical choice. This is because wood snaps easily under pressure and isn’t very durable.


Aluminum is both solid and light. Furthermore, aluminum frames are corrosion-resistant and show minor wear and tear. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for outdoor shades.


Stainless steel frames, like aluminum frames, have a sleek modern appearance that appeals to your eyes. Steel is naturally corrosion-resistant and often rust-resistant. This is why they are ideal for coastal areas. Aluminum and steel are both malleable and robust by nature. As a result, frames made of these materials can be designed to take on shapes that wood cannot.

4. Base for an umbrella

Choosing an outdoor umbrella base is critical because you must ensure that a solid foundation supports your umbrella. The base holds and secures the center pole, ensuring that your umbrella is stable in calm conditions and does not fly away in a light breeze.

5. The Mechanism

It’s always a good idea to buy a product that’s simple to use, whether it’s a large outdoor umbrella or a regular one. This is due to the unpredictable nature of Australian weather. If it suddenly starts raining or the wind picks up, you must be able to pack the umbrella comfortably.

When shopping for cantilever umbrellas, look for the tilt and rotation feature. When facing strong winds, this option allows the umbrellas to be flexible because they can be raised, lowered, or tilted to allow movement from left to right, forward, and backward.

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