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The Best Ways to Learn to Lucid Dream

by Nina Smith
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A lucid dream is one in which you know you are dreaming. It’s a psychological state in which you can change your plans. Goals, on the other hand, are unique and unpredictable. Some dreams are ridiculous and irritating. We don’t get to choose what we dream about. Having lucid dreams, on the other hand, allows us to change the narrative of our plans. Have you ever had a dream? Did you have the strength to force yourself out of it?

Furthermore, knowing how to lucid fantasy and having lucid dreams will make you feel more confident and assertive about yourself. A lucid dream is similar to creating something in your mind and being able to visualize it. Furthermore, lucid dreams can be good therapy to reduce your anxiety issues.

Give your mind a thud on Reality.

Reality checks return you to Reality. So get ready to make some new habits. “Am I awake?” Consider the following. Make it a habit. Your subconscious mind will revise it and store it. Take note of the following:

Check that all body parts, such as your hands and feet, are correctly positioned. Pinch yourself to see if you’re awake. Check to see if you’re still breathing.

Continue to read books while keeping an eye on the time. The results will astound you. The occasion and the words you read will come in your dreams. However, it will go in now blurred forms. But, this will help you to understand how to lucid dream.

Keep a diary of your Lucid Dreams.

Here is the best way to remember your dreams and their experiences. Keep a small diary close by. Write down your experience after a goal or your entire plan in the journal. Furthermore, it is critical to keep the diary nearby. Make a list of everything you want to remember before you forget. Why are you doing this now?

Because remembering dreams is necessary for lucid dreaming, so if you can’t remember your dreams, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal.

Symbols in Your Lucid Dreams

There is a benefit to writing down your dreams. Assume you spend a week practicing this recording. Look for any common elements in all of your dreams. These recurring elements appear in your goals regularly.

  • Assume a fan appears in your dream repeatedly.
  • You go to a remote location and become disoriented.
  • Exam or test failure.

Look for recurring themes in your dreams. Learn to remember them so that you can recognize them in your dreams. As you become more familiar with your dream symbols, you will learn how to have lucid dreams.

After witnessing a lucid dream, go back to sleep.

Assume you had a dream. You wake up trembling. Now write it down in your journal. Concentrate intensely on your plan before falling asleep. Consider it in your mind. As a result, you may have a lucid dream. Most lucid dreams, however, begin when a person is deep asleep. However, this can also work. As a result, practice is essential.

Keep a Light Alarm handy.

Many things, however, can cause you to awaken from your sleep. A light alarm can jolt you out of deep sleep. Set a soft warning to go off every hour. Every hour, the light alarm will blink. This can assist you in recognizing that you are dreaming. Furthermore, the light alarm can be highly effective. Try it once or two times and see what happens.

“I will be aware when I am dreaming,” tell yourself.

Set a standard alarm. Assume it wakes you up at five o’clock in the morning. Try to remember the dream now. Assume you have no recollection of the plan at all. Return to sleep, telling yourself, “I will be aware when I am dreaming.” Say it again and again in your mind. It will be a positive sign if you feel the need to say it again and again. Let your mind remember. It has to know when it’s dreaming. 

Keep an eye out for lucid dreams.

To learn how to have lucid dreams, you must first understand when they occur. Because lucid dreams occur during the REM phase. The Rapid Eye Movement phase allows you to have vivid dreams. This happens only ninety minutes after you fall asleep. You must now catch yourself in a REM state. What you must do is:

Set a wake-up alarm for the middle of the night.

During this phase, you will have a lot of dreams. When you wake up, you will realize you were dreaming.

  • Return to your sleep now. Consider what you have imagined.
  • This is how you can enter a lucid dream.
  • Train your body to dream in the REM stage.
  • You must always train your body to sleep in the REM phase. This increases the likelihood of having a lucid dream. To manage the REM phase, stick to a regular sleeping schedule.
  • Do not force yourself to sleep. Stay awake and relaxed while recording your dreams. Make a tasty snack for yourself and consume it. Walk around the room to arouse your senses. Your body is now flooded with sleep hormones. So you do things to get your body moving. Keep your eyes open for thirty to sixty minutes. Now you can unwind and sleep. This increases the likelihood of having a lucid dream. Follow this occasionally to learn how to lucid dreams.

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