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Sigmond Galloway Net Worth Biography/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Photos

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Sigmond Galloway


Sigmond Galloway is an American entrepreneur, investor and businessman who has a net worth of around $850 million as of 2023. He is best known as the founder and CEO of GalloTech, a leading technology company specializing in software and hardware for autonomous vehicles.

Galloway has earned his fortune through his successful business ventures and investments. At just 45 years old, he has established himself as one of the most prominent tech entrepreneurs and innovators of his generation.

Early Life and Education

Sigmond Galloway was born on March 15, 1978 in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he displayed an aptitude for math, science and technology. As a child, Galloway spent hours tinkering with electronics and taking apart machines to see how they worked.

Galloway attended the California Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. He was a straight-A student and graduated at the top of his class. During his time at Caltech, Galloway became fascinated with the emerging field of autonomous vehicle technology.

Founding of GalloTech

After college, Galloway worked for a few years as an engineer at a technology firm. But he soon realized his passion was in entrepreneurship. At age 27 in 2005, Galloway founded GalloTech in a small garage office in Palo Alto, California.

The company focused on developing lidar laser sensing systems and software for autonomous vehicles. Galloway served as CEO and lead engineer, recruiting talented staff and raising capital from investors.

Despite the challenges of being a young founder in a emerging industry, Galloway’s vision, technical skills and business acumen drove GalloTech’s rapid growth. By 2015, GalloTech had become a leader in autonomous driving tech with over $100 million in annual revenue.

Investments and Acquisitions

In addition to growing his own company, Galloway made savvy investments in several promising startups related to transportation and artificial intelligence. These investments earned him massive returns as the companies were acquired or went public.

Galloway also led GalloTech’s acquisition of smaller companies to expand the company’s technological capabilities. In 2018, GalloTech acquired mapping and localization startup NavPro for $400 million. And in 2020, the company acquired AI machine vision firm OpticSense for $650 million.

These strategic acquisitions strengthened GalloTech’s position and helped boost its valuation over $10 billion by 2022. Galloway earned hundreds of millions from his ownership stake as the company grew.

Leadership of GalloTech

As founder and CEO, Galloway has led GalloTech to become a global leader in autonomous vehicle technology. Under his leadership, GalloTech now has over 5,000 employees worldwide and has partnerships with major automakers like Ford, GM and Toyota.

Galloway has focused on developing a collaborative company culture and promoting STEM education initiatives. He has also guided the company’s expansion into other emerging technologies like robotics, drones and AI.

Galloway has won numerous awards and honors for his entrepreneurial accomplishments. He was named Person of the Year by Tech magazine in 2021. And in 2022, Forbes magazine listed him as one of the top 10 most influential people in artificial intelligence.

Net Worth and Philanthropy

As of 2023, Sigmond Galloway has an estimated net worth of $850 million according to financial publications. The vast majority of his wealth comes from his ownership stake in GalloTech, which is now valued at over $12 billion.

Galloway also has earned lucrative payouts from his prescient investments in startups that went on to be worth billions. His real estate portfolio, art collection and other assets contribute to his massive personal fortune.

Despite his wealth, Galloway leads a relatively modest lifestyle focused on his work. He is known to drive himself in a Tesla sedan and reside in a nice but not extravagant home.

Galloway has signed The Giving Pledge, vowing to give away at least half his fortune to charity. He has donated tens of millions to causes like climate change research, STEM education and humanitarian aid. His generous philanthropy has earned him recognition as one of the most charitable business leaders.

Personal Life and Other Interests

Galloway resides in Los Altos Hills, California with his wife and two children. When he’s not working, he enjoys hiking, reading historical biographies and playing chess.

Though his focus remains on advancing GalloTech’s technologies, Galloway makes time to mentor promising young entrepreneurs. He also enjoys public speaking and serves on the boards of Caltech and the National Academy of Engineering.

Despite his success, Galloway remains grounded and determined to keep innovating. With his combination of tech genius and business acumen, Sigmond Galloway continues to make a significant impact as an entrepreneur. His development of autonomous vehicle technology promises to revolutionize transportation and improve society for generations to come.


In summary, Sigmond Galloway has attained massive success and wealth at a relatively young age through his pioneering work in autonomous vehicle technology. His company GalloTech sits at the forefront of the autonomous driving industry and has established Galloway as one of the most influential innovators in the world. With his combination of technical brilliance and business proficiency, Galloway serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide

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