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Must-Have Fall Men’s Accessories

by Nina Smith
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If you’re like me, you enjoy looking good. You like to think you’re ahead of the game. You want to look like you’re wearing the most up-to-date drip possible. You care about the fashion industry. You want to put your best foot forward. It is essential to feel your best. And to feel your best, you must also look your best. And to look your best, you must be up to date on the latest fashion trends.

And, in 2022, if we’re talking about fashion, we’re talking about accessories in a time when work wear and basics ruled the fashion world. These are the elements that will turn your outfit into a look. I understand what you’re thinking. “Where do I even begin with such a broad subject?” So, don’t worry, my friend, because your journey begins here.

I’ve put together this fantastic guide to some of the best men’s accessories available. You’ll learn what they are and how to pull them off here. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. The Traditional Chain Stack

The yield of chains to the high-fashion scene is likely one of the most notable trends of the last ten years. Now, chains have always had a cultural impact, but it’s been a long time since you’ve seen them so prevalent in today’s youth and culture. However, one of the most noticeable changes in chain styling is the trend of layering them.

Put, stacking your chains. It is the fashion choice to wear multiple chains at the same time. Because these chains are different lengths, they require special care to ensure they do not land on your top. However, the deep interaction happens when the strings are stacked on top of the other. Are the links working together? Does the stack look too bunched around the neck?

These are the chain stack’s pitfalls. But it is possible to pull it off with a bit of skill. As a result, they have access to one of the most forward-thinking fashion trends. Now, if you don’t have any chains and aren’t sure where to begin. My recommendation is to look into male pendants. A pendant is an excellent first chain to base your stack on because of its length and the pendant’s function as an anchor for your stack. This provides an absolute endpoint from which you can style the rest of your look.

2. The Appropriate Hat

If you want to dress up your attire, selecting the right hat is a great way to do so. Some may argue that the dad hat is the best choice for a modern look, and while that is true. I’m going to make an utterly out-of-the-blue suggestion. First and foremost, I believe the beanie is poised to regain popularity. Anyone who follows fashion trends knows that the nostalgia cycle is going to point towards the 2000s.

And as we leave the early aughts, the style is influenced by Y2K. I predict that the more alternative looks of the mid-2000s will make a big comeback. The beanie was a must-have for this look. Going with something plain adds great style to any outfit and has the added benefit of keeping you warm! This is great since fall’s right around the corner! 

2. Chains Can Be Used for More Than Just Necklaces!

You might think I’m doing double duty with this last entrance, but chains don’t have to be limited to necklaces. I’ve noticed around town the fantastic (if slightly perplexing) return of the wallet chain! This is a great look because it adds a nice touch to your pants. And, as we are all aware, if you want to look good in today’s fashion climate. Everything revolves around the pants! If you want to go for a more industrial appearance. Consider purchasing a chain bracelet. Something sparkly and a little clunky to balance out the rest of your ensemble.

Fashion is a fickle creature. You’ll be in one day. Then you’re gone. It’s as simple and as cruel as that. But don’t be concerned. We can’t stay on the white horse forever. After we fall off, we can get back on. That is why I recommend it if you want to slingshot your fashion game into the 2020s.

Follow my advice. Improve your accessory game. Invest in some chains, and above all, perfect your drip! You have the possibility of shining brighter than the sun. And I can’t wait to see you do it!

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