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How to Get Perfect Mane with Healthy Hair and Stronger Roots

by Nina Smith
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A good diet, regular salon visits, and various hair care products are a few ways to achieve beautiful and healthy hair. However, small regular hair care routine attempts can also yield fantastic results. People try various methods to gain healthy, thick hair, but only a few produce positive results in hair growth and high roots.

While genetics play an essential role in hair type and pattern, your lifestyle, use of Right Combs for Hair, styling tools, and other styling accessories all play a role.

1. Your go-to partner is the proper diet.

A healthy diet is essential in determining the state of your hair’s health. Hair follicles, like the rest of your body, require proper nutrition to grow and stay healthy. Nutritional deficiencies are known to cause hair thinning, breakage, and baldness. Work on your diet and include specific food items that are high in vitamins and provide the nutrients you need to stimulate volume, thickness, and stronger roots.

2. Maintaining the Scalp

The hair scalp is a delicate part of the head, and keeping it clean and free of dirt, grease, and flaky skin is integral to the hair care routine. Oil and hair residues styling products, build-up of dirty hair combs, etc., clog the pores/ follicles that cause irritation, itching, and dandruff. Therefore, keep the scalp clean by following a regular hair wash routine, and avoid using someone else’s comb and towel while exfoliating the scalp. 

3. Choosing Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner

Washing and deep conditioning are two of hair care’s most fundamental and essential aspects. Washing and cleaning hair removes oil, grease, and sweat and produces shiny, bouncy, and soft locks. As a result, look for hair care products appropriate for your hair type, primarily mild shampoo and conditioner that are clean and chemical-free.

Avoid applying the product directly to the scalp; dilute it with water before using it. After shampooing, don’t forget to spread the conditioner.

4. Use Wooden Hair Comb

These days Wooden Hair Comb is determining the craze as people find their way to eco-friendly creations. These Hair Combs are ideal for daily styling and detangling as they glide smoothly on hair leading to less breakage and reducing friction. The natural fibers of the wooden combs condition your hair, and the wide bristles avoid tugging and pulling. The Handcrafted Wooden Combs are designed with rounded wooden tips that deliver a gentle massaging effect on the scalp.

5. When using hair styling tools, reduce the heat settings.

When styling your hair with a Hair Straightening Machine or a Hair Curler, it is critical to use caution when adjusting the temperature. Consider your hair type and texture before changing the heat settings. By reducing the heat applied to the hair, you can keep it healthy, shiny, and happy. To avoid damage, applying some heat protectant to the strands is even better before using these tools.

We hope this guide helps you achieve the hair you’ve always desired. Include these hair-growing tips and tricks to make your hair stronger, voluminous, and shiny.

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