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A Comprehensive Guide to E Girl Eyeliner

by Nina Smith
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E Girls are incredible, from edgy outfits to neon streaks and delicate blush. However, everyone recognizes the winged eyeliner as one of the most instantly recognizable elements of the E Girl look. If you’re an E Girl ready to finish the look, follow this step-by-step beauty guide to dazzle everyone with one dramatic, elegant, winged eyeliner!

Read the article below for a complete guide to E Girl eyeliner!

Creating Wings

Begin by drawing the wings for a perfect E Girl eyeliner.

1. Take a pointy-tipped black liquid eyeliner.

You can achieve a sharp, sleek wing by using pen-shaped liquid eyeliners. In contrast to other eyeliners, liquid eyeliners let you be more accurate and make more defined lines as desired.

Use a gel liner if you want better control over the final look. It also allows you to customize the brush size, color intensity, and line thickness. Because of their consistency and creaminess, gel liners cannot provide as much precision.

For a softer look, use a dark brown or black pencil liner. Pencil liners are also less sharp than liquid liners.

If you have sensitive skin, see if the eyeliner causes an allergic reaction.

2. Use a guide to get even wings.

Before drawing the rest of the wing, use a straight object, such as a pen or ruler, to mark the desired angle. Holding your guide against your face will result in a line that varies from the side of your nose to the outer rim of your brow. Further, use the directory to choose the curve at the corner of your eye. After this, draw it with a thin line of eyeliner. Do the identical for the opposite look.

3. Draw the wing’s bottom line.

While carrying the eyeliner to the corner of your eye, draw a straight line at an upward-sloping angle. It’s optional to get an exact angle. However, you can use the downward angle of your brow as a guide by mirroring the angle upwards.

If you want a larger wing, start the line near the corner of your eye.

Put your elbow down somewhere flat if your hand is shaky.

4. Extend the line as far as you want.

As you extend the line further, your final wing will become more significant and dramatic. Furthermore, the E Girl eyeliner wing should be customized to your needs. As a result, there is no hard and fast rule.

5. Finish the wing outline

Begin a new straight line at the tip of the previous one. Point it in the opposite direction this time, toward your eyelid. Your line should end in the middle of your upper eyelid. Repeat with the other eye.

6. Now, using the eyeliner, fill in the wings.

Fill in the triangle’s outline by brushing or fluttering the eyeliner from the wing’s tip toward your eye while holding the eyeliner at the end of the branch. Continue until the system has been filled in and darkened. After that, repeat the process for the other eye.

Use a gentle touch for the best level of control.

Outlining allows you to make corrections more quickly. You can trace the wing with a pencil liner first. Then, once thoroughly dried, fill it in with the liquid liner.

7. Clean up the wing margins with a rag or wipe.

Now is the time to straighten out crooked bottom lines on your wings. Apply a cosmetic wipe or a towel to your index finger. Place your index finger in the area under one’s eye where the wing’s bottom begins.

Run your hands underneath the wing while maintaining an upward and outward preference to tidy up the line and make it smooth and crisp. Repeat the process for the other eye to achieve the desired E Girl eyeliner look.

Enhancing the Look

The next step in E Girl eyeliner is to highlight the look!

Add some bottom lashes to enhance the appearance.

To draw a thin line:

  1. Make a quick downward and outward sign with the exact eyeliner pen while keeping it to the bottom of your outer eye corner.
  2. Fill in any remaining bottom lashes.
  3. Make sure there is some space between each one.
  4. Working inward, shorten each line as you go.
  5. Add lines until you arrive at the inner corner of your eye.
  6. Examine the other eye.

2. Define your bottom waterline with a white pencil liner.

With one hand holding the marker pen against the outside bottom corner of your eye, gently decrease your look to reveal the waterline. Draw an inward-pointing white line to line the waterline completely.

The white line is not required to extend into the wings.

Tight lining, predominantly white, will make your eyes appear larger and more vibrant!

3. Apply the finishing touches to your eyes

Apply some black eyeshadow to your drawn bottom lashes to even things out and cover any mistakes. Use thick black mascara and fake eyelashes to make your eyes appear larger and more dramatic.

4. Create a few distinct graphics with eyeliner to highlight your personality.

Create fascinating and decorative forms with eyeliner, such as hearts, stars, precious gems, teardrops, or even fruits and butterflies, and dot on freckles.

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