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7 Today’s Fashion Trends That We Will Regret Later

by Nina Smith
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We obsessively follow any new fashion trends that emerge. And sometimes we don’t even realize whether or not a trend suits us. We want to be trendy and stylish; we blindly follow every direction as if it were a custom. In today’s article, we’ll talk about how we never realized that a particular trend, whether it’s psychedelic clothing or geometry clothing, would look utterly ridiculous in the future when it’s no longer popular. Today, we despise bell-bottoms more than anything else.

Read on for a list of today’s trendy clothes that you might want to wear in the future.

1. Rompers or jumpsuits

Every time I have to pee, I regret wearing them. Don’t you think so? Not only are they uncomfortable to wear all day, but they only look nice on newborn babies. We are sure that when we look back in time, we will never miss the jumpsuits.

2. Jeans that are abnormally ripped or torn

No matter how much we enjoy showing our knees and thighs through denim, we will regret this trend once it is over.

3. Crop-Tops

Yes, those cropped ones. We all like to show off our belly buttons, don’t we? After a few years, you’d wonder why you wore a blouse over denim.

4. Hair in rainbow colors

It never really impressed me in the first place. And I’m sure we’ll all be questioning this hair color trend in a few years.

5. High-heeled boots

We saw some celebrities and models wearing them, quickly becoming popular among college students. We’re confident they’ll get through them soon as well.

6. Transparent tops or dresses

Why is it a trend in the first place? Why do we have to expose our underwear through our tops or dresses? And what would be the next big thing? Are breasts naked or bare?

7. Jeggings

They are pretty comfortable while working out, but once you realize that wearing them as a dress is the fashion, you will regret it.

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