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7 Fashion Trends We Don’t Understand

by Nina Smith
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Everyone experiments with their style and strives to be trendy all the time. The fashion industry is constantly evolving, and some trends are far beyond our comprehension, yet people continue to follow them. We deliberated on the subject and attempted to compile a list of seven such inexplicable fashion trends.

Instead, we are curious as to what motivates people to follow them.

1. Crocs

Crocs, according to us, serve only one purpose: cleaning. Wear them as you clean your bathroom or wash your car. But what’s the point of wearing them out during the day?

2. Eyeliners in bright colors

Call us old-fashioned, but we think black eyeliner is the best. We don’t understand why girls need blue, grey, or white eyeliners.

3. Nails with Points

French tips are cute. Flat directions were also acceptable. But why would anyone have suggested strong nails unless they intend to injure someone seriously?

4. Jeans with no pockets

Last year, these were very popular. These pocket less jeans were popular, but we have a question for them. Friends, where do you keep your cell phones and wallets? According to us, pocket less jeans served few purposes.

5. Displaying the Calvin Klein

Another thing we don’t understand is this trend. Why do people, usually men, walk around in their underwear?

6. Lingerie as Fashion

Remember Kendall Jenner’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance? We did not purchase that lingerie top. Did you, too?

7. Yoga shorts

Yoga pants are incredibly comfortable and stretchy, but only when doing Yoga. We also saw several celebrities wearing them in public. Kim Kardashian, in particular. It completely messed up when some women went cycling while wearing them.

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