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5 Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

by Nina Smith
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What is it that continues to keep the human body alive and healthy? It’s because of the metabolism. This massive chain of chemical reactions occurs within us when we eat, drink, exercise, and sleep. Every everyday process, from blood sugar levels to respiration and tissue repair, depends on this bodily system functioning correctly.

We must do everything we can to help this critical feature work consistently and adequately by fueling our bodies correctly. Are there any other ways to increase metabolism? 

1. Protein of high quality is essential.

One of the most effective ways to improve slow metabolism is to include high-quality protein sources in all meals and snacks. Consider low-fat meats like chicken and turkey, or use beans, legumes, and nuts if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

The simplest explanation is that protein helps fill us up quickly and keeps us feeling satiated, making us less likely to overeat. This, in turn, will aid in metabolism.

2. Increase your workout time and incorporate HIIT.

Exercising and experimenting with the HIIT approach are two other ways to help boost metabolism. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) uses short bursts of activity to burn fat.

Don’t know what to try? It’s worth noting that HIIT workouts include biking, speed walking, and running, so there are plenty of options to get started.

3. Make yourself a nice cup of tea…

Who knew that relaxing with a nice cup of tea could help rev up a sluggish metabolism? The good news is that certain drinks, such as Green or Oolong tea, can help increase fat burning, especially when combined with exercise. Because they are low in calories (unlike some other teas or coffees), they can be consumed more frequently.

4. Make a curry (or chili)

A tasty vat of spicy food can be a big help inside the metabolism-boosting stakes. A curry or chili ramekin cooked with chili contains high levels of capsaicin, which can help boost energy levels over time. Regularly consume pepper-containing meals to reap the health benefits.

5. Get enough sleep regularly.

Engaging in good sleep hygiene may not appear to be an effective way to boost metabolism, but it is. Getting enough sleep regularly, preferably at the same time each night, followed by waking and rising at the same time each day, can help improve this critical function.

Sleep has been shown to aid in treating conditions such as insulin resistance and low blood sugar levels, as well as weight loss and sugar cravings. It can be one (pleasant) way to help metabolism function without making many changes.


Trying one (or all) of these easy ideas may help with a sluggish metabolism that needs to be revved up. They’re all simple enough to implement and could make a significant difference in everyday life. Why not give it a shot?

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